The Font Pair logo is designed for use primarily with either yellow on a dark navy background or vice versa. For instances in which the full color logo is not practical, the dark navy on white should be used.


Font Pair uses one consistent open-source type family, Roboto and Roboto Slab, with various font weights to ensure readability and typographical hierarchy.


These are the colors that make up the Font Pair color palette. They are approved for use with all Font Pair materials.

Primary Colors

Font Pair Yellow
Navy Navy Blue
Ole White

Secondary Colors

Pink Fuzz
Cool Blue


To maintain the integrity of the Font Pair logo, it is important to provide adequate space.


Give at least an x-height amount of space.


Give enough padding so a symbol 1.5x the intended size can fit.


The consistent application of color plays an extremely important role in the Font Pair identity system.

The examples below illustrate a few inappropriate applications of the logo.

Do not lock up wordmark with symbol.
Do not use yellow against white.
Do not distort.
Do not use outlines.
Do not rotate.
Do not use off brand colors.
Do not add elements such as drop shadows or blurs.